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AABSyS's IT exhibits in GeoUtilities Conference 2014 at London

AABSyS, a leading outsourcing company that provides GIS, CAD and Software Services to its customers worldwide, is pleased to announce that it participated in the GeoUtilities Conference 2014 held at London on 28-29 January,2014.The conference is a leading international event that garners the attention of a vast community of leading GIS Managers, Asset Managers, Network Managers, Planners, Data Managers, Spatial Planners, IT and Technology experts from major Utility (Electric, Gas, Water & Telecoms) Network Operators from Europe and the USA.

The conferences was attended by Mr.ArunPatnaik, CEO, AABSyS, who said, “This was an amazing platform for AABSyS to interact with people who share similar interest as us and also, a great opportunity to showcase our expertise in the field of GIS Applications.The conference gave vital insights to AABSyS on the way stake holders from utility industries are depending on GIS to enhance their decision making and improving performances and efficiencies. We have gained much knowledge about international market and would be incorporating the same in our future ventures.”


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